Method To Use FBLover

The method for logging in is through Facebook access token. Access Token is a Private KEY generated by facebook that we needed to be able giving free Likes & Reactions. Read our terms & conditions

For Any Help you can read the steps for using Fblover in this post


  • Change fb follower setting Set “Who Can Follow Me” to everybody/public. Your age on facebook account must be 18+, if not then change your birthday at Facebook
  • Change fb posting privacy Set “Who can see your future posts?” to public.
  • Enter User name and password of your facebook account and generate your Access Token and Enter it into text box and login.




STEP 1:Generate Access Token by Login Using Your Facebook Account


Note: We never store your password, You’re directly connected to Facebook to generate your access token, so your account is safe!

Step 2: Login with your Access Token

Go To Login Page

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